Shaws Department Stores have done business with Fashion Hse (Graine O’Rourke) over the past 75 years. The company, a family business like ours, has evolved and reacted to the on-going changes we all experience in the Irish retail market. Our company operates two separate business models with Fashion Hse – concession and own buy. Our Fashion Hse concessions have Steilmann, Peruzzi and Ze-Ze as their main brands. This is an on-going and developing business for both our companies. Fashion Hse’s success as a business can be attributed to the professional way in which the business is run and to the way the business has adapted to the evolving retail market place. True professionals! We wish Fashion Hse continued success in the future.

Jonathan Shaw, Managing Director, Shaws Department Stores

I’ve been doing business with the company for years and they’ve never sold me a dummy. I mainly forward order and combine this with regular merchandise from the stock selection. The staff are great company and are totally in tune with their customer’s needs. If they have any special orders, they will ring immediately and let me know. To be honest, I would have absolute faith in their abilities to write my orders for me on Steilmann, Peruzzi and Kokomarina. The same friendliness and efficiency is reflected in the warehouse team and if I require any repeats, I can be guaranteed to have them by the following day.

Siobhan O’Donovan, Diffusion Wear, Cork

For thirty years I’ve been dealing with FASHION Hse. I’ve an established mid-market customer and their collections, Steilmann, Peruzzi and GiGi, for the fuller figure, always work for me. They are excellent suppliers and carry an extensive range of back-up stock. I regularly fill in from their cash and carry facility where their staff are very professional. I often wonder how they get it right every time they recruit new members but they do – and I’m always assured of an efficient yet friendly service whenever I contact them.

Mary McGee, Magees, Roscommon

From all angles, labels, deliveries, communications and financially, FASHION Hse cannot be faulted. Their deliveries are dependable and fast and the staff are renowned for their efficiency and friendliness. The company were one of the first to bite the bullet and make the move to Fashion City. It was a major investment but one that has paid dividends. I’ve been dealing with them for twenty years now and have done very good business with their brands. I forward order on Stone and For Fellows and buy Lerros from the stock range. From a pricing point of view, it’s good value and the quality is excellent. As there are so many collections a season, you can always depend on the merchandise looking fresh and up to the minute.

Tony Riordan, Tony Fine Clothing, Cork