Peruzzi SS24

About Peruzzi

Peruzzi clothing offers all woman a chance to create their own capsule wardrobe every season. Known for it's shapes and unique prints, Peruzzi stands out in its ability to be at the forefront of fashion while staying true to their look

S24190- Stripe T-shirt with Colour Pop

S241570- Trousers

S24104- Dress

S24204- Top

S24205- Trousers with Side Stripe

S24118- Blazer

S24119- Trouser

S24502- Blazer

S24501- Trouser

S24512 - Flower Maxi Print Top

S24516 - Flower Maxi Print Trousers

S24603- Ocean Print Top

S24167- Trousers

S24150- Dress

S24193- Top

S24121- Trousers